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Acqua For Him | 2.5oz Wax Melt Clamshell

Acqua For Him | 2.5oz Wax Melt Clamshell

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Introducing the Acqua For Him wax melt, a captivating olfactory journey that brings the essence of the ocean into the tranquility of your space. Inspired by the renowned fragrance, this luxurious wax melt encapsulates the spirit of freedom, adventure, and natural oceanic aromas.

As the wax melts, a refreshing breeze seems to sweep through the room, transporting you to a picturesque coastal paradise. The Acqua For Him wax melt opens with invigorating top notes that mimic the crispness of ocean waves crashing against the shore. Sparkling bergamot, tangy Calabrian lemon, and zesty lime intertwine harmoniously, creating a burst of citrusy freshness that instantly revitalizes your senses.

Soon, the heart of the wax melt unfolds, revealing a bouquet of delicate aquatic flowers. The enchanting scent of rose petals, cedar and sandalwood notes emerge to lend an air of elegance and serenity, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation.

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